Google Business Profile Updates to Make for the New Year

December 27, 2022

The New Year is the perfect time to improve your business’s local visibility and rankings on Google. So, before the opportunity passes you by, take the time now to follow these simple steps for boosting your visibility on the world’s leading search engine. Here are 8 Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) updates you should make early this year. 

1. Audit the Basics

Conduct a quick audit of the basic information on each of your Business Profile pages. Confirm your location(s) are correct, your phone number is correct, and website links are functional. Keep in mind that Google invites users to report misinformation, which unfortunately can lead to your basic info being changed without you realizing it. So take thirty minutes or less to confirm that each of your business listings has accurate contact and location information.

2. Optimize Product or Service Descriptions

If you’re offering new products on your website, be sure that they are also included in your Google Business Profile. Best practices for optimizing product descriptions include information on shipping estimates, benefits the product or service offers the consumer, photos of products.

 The same goes for updating new services offered. A law firm for example, that has expanded into different practice areas, should update the services to include these new areas of practice.

3. Update Images

Add some new photos to your Business Profile in the New Year, to get your phone ringing or more requests for directions. Studies have shown that business profiles that have at least 100 images get at least 500% more phone calls than those with fewer images. Likewise, businesses that have more than 100 photos get 2700% more requests for directions. 

4. Create Your Own Q&As

Answering frequently asked questions is a great way to help consumers understand your business better. Think of common questions you receive as the owner, or while working in your store or office and then ask them in Google. Then, log into your business profile and answer the questions. This not only helps your customers but can also increase your visibility and ranking, by allowing you to add keywords in your answers. 

5. Begin Using Google Post

Google posts are widely underused, but they can be incredibly helpful in showing up in local panels in Google Search and Google Maps. In the New Year, you can use posts to promote new products, announce new services, acknowledge your top talent, share awards you’ve received, and much more. Photos, videos, and branded content graphics can all be shared in a post.

6. Add Attributes

Attributes give consumers detailed information about your store or business. Attributes can include everything from COVID-19 precautions to ownership information, to accessibility features at your location(s). Take advantage of the opportunity to share as much about your business as you can, with attributes.

7. Read and Respond to All Messages and Reviews  

It is incredibly important for rankings and visibility that you acknowledge all reviews promptly. A favorable review warrants a thank you reply. A negative review should also be acknowledged and responded to professionally. If you’ve been lax in responding to messages, the New Year presents the perfect opportunity to focus on replying promptly.

8. Update Hours and Holiday Information

If your hours have changed since the holidays, be sure that your current hours and closures are accurate. Likewise, if you know you’ll be closed for upcoming holidays such as Martin Luther King Day, President’s Day, Memorial Day, etc., schedule those hours now using the “special hours” feature.

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