Let It Be - Local provides responsive website design in CT and to clients nationwide. A modern, responsive website should be the core of any SEO strategy. If potential customers reach your site and then click away when met with an outdated design or hard-to-navigate menu options, Google takes notice—and your website ranking will suffer. Our approach to web design prioritizes usability and SEO optimization without sacrificing aesthetics. The result is a site that your customers and search engines will love.

Why Choose Let It Be - Local for Responsive Web Design

WordPress is the gold standard when it comes to web design because of its simple interface and ease of use, but not all WordPress themes are designed with SEO in mind. In fact, using some themes out-of-the-box can cripple your rankings on Google. We have years of experience building premium SEO-optimized websites on WordPress that elevate your online presence.

Our SEO-friendly websites come complete with tools to help you ensure that the content you produce is optimized for search engines, site structure that incorporates current best practices for web taxonomy, and pages that highlight your priority services and products. By hiring Let It Be - Local for your website design, you benefit from our extensive SEO knowledge in addition to our team’s web development expertise, which means not only will you have a professionally designed website that looks fantastic, you’ll also have one that boosts your business’s ranking on search engines.

When designing your new website, we dig into your analytics to understand how users are navigating your current site and how you can serve them better. We take a customized approach when it comes to website development, working closely with each client to create a site that is unique to their business. Once your site is complete, we provide ongoing support and maintenance.

The Importance of Responsive Design

A website designed for desktop will work on mobile devices, but it won’t work well—and this is why Google chooses to rank responsive and mobile-friendly websites higher than those that are designed exclusively for traditional computers. More and more searches are being conducted via smartphone and tablet, so dropping the ball on responsive website design means losing potential clients and customers.

A responsive website is equally usable on computers, tablets, and smartphones. The design automatically adjusts based on the device being used to view it for a superior user experience. Unlike some web design firms that shoehorn your content into a clunky mobile format, we carefully craft your mobile presence based on the latest usability research, creating an intuitive site where visitors can easily find exactly what they need.
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