Google Ads Management Services

We create and manage Google Ads campaigns for small businesses.

Let us build visibility for your business, position you at the top of the search results, and drive phone calls to build a steady pipeline of new customers.

Why Invest in Google Ads?

Google Ads allow you to display advertisements at the top of the search results in the form of sponsored listings. Google Ads are a type of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, also known as paid search.

Here are the primary benefits of advertising with Google Ads:
  • Get Results Fast – Google Ads will get your small business on Google’s first page in days, not months. 
  • Be the #1 Business – When your business is at the top of Google’s results, you’re also at the top of prospect’s minds. 
  • Increase Sales – People searching for your services are more likely to purchase. 
  • Precise Targeting – Target your ideal prospects by location, age, gender, income, and time of day. We combine demographic targeting, keyword targeting, and device targeting to help maximize the effectiveness of your ads. 

Special Promotions – With Google Ads, we can put extra emphasis on specific services and special offers to encourage potential customers to make a purchase.


Generate More Incoming Phone Calls

Mobile Click-to-Call Ads

Incoming phone calls are one of the most valuable type of leads for many small businesses. With our Google Ads service, we use mobile click-to-call ads to drive incoming phone calls for your business.

Consider these statistics:
  • More than 60% of Google searches are now conducted on mobile devices
  • 40% of all mobile searches are for local businesses
  • 75% of local searches result in a transaction

Instant #1 Rankings in Map Results

With our Google Ads service, some of your ads will be displayed directly within the map results.

If you're also investing in SEO, map ads are a great way to gain visibility and generate leads for your business in the immediate term as we build your SEO foundation over the long term.

More About Our Google Ads Services

Our Google Ads management services also include the following:
Precise targeting – We conduct keyword research to make sure your ads are shown to your ideal types of prospective customers. We then advertise your business on mobile devices, tablets, and desktop computers to reach your ideal audience, targeting geographically and running ads at specific times of day and days of week to maximize results.
Ad types – We use mobile click-to-call ads as well as text ads. We also take advantage of various Google Ad Extensions to increase the visibility of your ads.
Enhanced tracking – Our Google Ads service includes caller ID phone tracking and sales reports to track which keywords and ads are driving revenue for your business.
Landing page creation and optimization – We’ll design and optimize custom landing pages to properly position your business and maximize leads.
Monthly calls with Ad Consultant – You’ll receive monthly calls with our Ad Consultant to get expert answers to all of your questions.


#1: 60% Increase in Leads


A client near Boston, MA was previously using a different agency and wanted to improve performance

What We Did

  • Completed a Google Ads Audit to identify opportunities
  • Allocated the budget to maximize conversions for less cost
  • Identified and targeted top performing keywords rather than use broad match
  • Optimized bids per device


  • Increased conversions from 10 in May to 16 in June (60% increase)
  • Decreased cost/conv from $152.46 in May to $44.28 in June (71% decrease)

#2: Reduced Cost Per Lead By 33%


Small business owner was already advertising, but not happy with results

What We Did

  • Installed proper conversion tracking
  • Optimized the ad schedule and budget
  • Adjusted bids per device
  • Tested new ad copy


  • Reduced cost per lead from $48 to $32 over 2 years (33% decrease)
  • Generating 51 more leads per quarter from the same ad budget

#3: 80% More Calls in 7 Months


Another small business client was using a different agency and wanted to improve performance

What We Did

  • Completed an Audit to identify opportunities to improve
  • Built a new Google Ads account (previous agency wouldn’t give our client their account)
  • Optimized bids and budget to focus on top performing keywords
  • Optimized bids per device


  • In June (first full month), 15 phone calls with $59 cost per call.
  • In December, 27 phone calls with a $29 cost per call. Increase in calls of 80% and decrease in cost/call of 50%

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